In case of XML (API) Airbnb connection the sale of dorm rooms has some limitations.

It's important to understand that Airbnb works with the availability information FREE or OCCUPIED. What it means? It means that they don't see how many rooms/beds are free. They just see if a specific room is free or occupied.

There is a possibility to send the information about multiple inventory to Airbnb. It means that if we have e.g. 5 double rooms in the system and we want to sell them as one category on Airbnb and not as 5 separate rooms, we can be sending to Airbnb the information about a free room until there is no availability in the system.

What it means in case of dorms? This will work in case of dorms if you set up the maximum occupancy 1 for a dorm (the same way as on 

Why it's necessary? Because if you set up a dorm with 5 guest occupancy and you have only 2 beds free, the system will be sending the information to Airbnb about FREE room, but they will see it as free room for 5 guests and not 2.

So if you want to use multiple inventory, you need to set up the maximum occupancy 1. In practice if a guest wants to book 5 beds, he needs to make 5 separate bookings for a dorm.

We recommend this solution if you want to sell dorms on Airbnb.