This report shows the record of all discrepancies reported during the shift switches.

You will see the following filters and options:

1) Star/End date - You can choose which dates you want to generate the report for.

2) You can choose if you want to generate the report per day, per month or yearly.

3) You can export the report to CSV format and open it in Excel.

On the left side you will see an additional filter where you can choose how do you want to group the results: by date, user, property (in case you have access to more than one) or item.

In the repot table you see the following columns:

Date - The date when the discrepancy was reported.

User - The person who reported the discrepancy.

Item - The problematic item/account and currency.

Reported - The shift ending balance reported by the system.

Actual - The ending balance reported by the user.

Discrepancy - The discrepancy between the reported and actual balance.

Discrepancy reason - The reason of the discrepancy provided by the user.

On the right side of the report you will see a summary.