The report shows how many times each coupon was used.

You can generate the reports for the bookings which have the check-in date or were booked within the selected period.

You can generate the report for specific coupons or all the coupons.

You can also choose the booking method you want to generate the report for.

It can be also exported to CSV file and opened in Excel.

At the beginning you will see a table with the information how many of each coupon were used. On the left side you will also see a chart with the % information.

Below you will see another chart which shows the total amount of discount for each coupon.

At the end you will find a table with detailed information which bookings exactly the coupong were applied in. You will see:

* The resrvation check-in date

* Reservation ID

* Guest name

* Group type (coupon name)

* Quantity

* Total after discount

* Coupon discount

* Channel