1) In order to extract from HostelWorld the list of your future bookings log in to inbox.hostelworld.com and open Bookings / Advanced Search section:

2) Go to Search by Room Type section and generale the list of your future bookings for each room type separately.

3) Once the list is ready, click on CSV in order to export the file.

4) Call each file the same way as the room type.

5) Open the downloaded fiel as Google sheet and delete the last row with the summary:

6) Change the column names:

Reference -------> ID

Guest Name -------> Booker Name (in case of more than 3 words, seprate the first name and the last name with coma, e.g. Pedro Mario, Sanchez Perez)

Arrival -------> Check-in

Bed Price -------> Reservation Total

Booked -------> Reservation Date

Source -------> Booking Method

Room Type -------> Stays as it is Please note that the room type name should be always exactly the same as in FrontDesk Master (including spaces etc.). You can find it in Room Manager:

7) Add extra columns:

a) Check-out

b) Status - Here you should put one of the available status from the system:







c) Paid - If a certain amount was already paid, put it in this column. If not, put 0.

* You should never leave it empty. 

* Please note that the commission it's not the same, the commission information won't be imported. It' won't appear in the commission fied in the reservation window. The PAID information will appear as payment in Payments tab.

The row with column names should look like this:

8) The date format needs to be adjusted. It should always looks this way: YYYY-MM-DD:

9) Highligt the column with the dates you want to correct and click CTRL + F. You will see a small window on the right sight. Choose the settings option there (the column should be highlited all the time):

10) In the FIND field put a SPACE and in the REPLACE WITH field put a "-" sign. Click Replace all.

11) Then do the same but replace nd, rd, st, sd, th by empty field (no signs):

Each column with dates should look this way:

12) Use the following formula to fill in the CHECK-OUT column (have a look at the video): https://www.screencast.com/t/0SgdVaGO

13) You can use the same switch method (points 9-11) to put Hostelworld for all rows in the column titeled Booking Method.

After all the changes the correct file should look this way::

Once the file is ready you can download it to *.xlsx format:

And then upload it in FrontDesk Master:


1) Please note that if there is a booking which occupies more than one room type, you need to separate it in the file per room type and add A, B, C to the booking ID, e.g.

2) If you want to import past bookins make sure that the availability dates in each room unit have also past dates. If not, the bookigns won´t be assigned to bed automatically despite the checked box.