There are two types of Airbnb connections that you can choose in FrontDesk Master Channel Manager. See the comparison and the details of each type below.

Airbnb iCal connection  

Airbnb iCal connection is based on a calendar; it means that you synchronize the Airbnb calendar with the information on Bed View in the system. The Calendar can see if a selected room is closed or open and manage it correspondingly on Airbnb. However, there are some limitations:

  • Airbnb downloads information from the system in hourly intervals - the updates are not immediate
  • reservations enter the system without the information about prices not guests number (the reservation will have price 0 and always 1 guest, you can add the details manually in the system)
  • automatic modifications and cancellations are not supported

Channel Manager in this case can manage only availability in a restricted way. The information about prices and restrictions have to be set up directly on Airbnb. If a reservation is cancelled or modified, you have to adjust it manually in the system.

iCal requires a special configuration of rooms for Airbnb only. The Calendar sees availability per room, that is why it is necessary to create separate room types in the system, for Airbnb only, to map each one with corresponding Airbnb listing. 

See more information about iCal connection here.

Airbnb XML connection  

The XML connection supports full synchronization between Airbnb and FrontDesk Master. It means that the system will update availability, rates, Minimum Stay restrictions and it will manage modifications and cancellations automatically. The updates are immediate, there is no delay in retrieving bookings or synchronising availability or rates. 

This type of connection allows to manage availability per room types, it means that you do not have to create separate room types for Airbnb only, but use the existing room types, the same way as they work for other channels, like or Hostelworld.

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iCal connection

XML connection

Availability updates *



Rate updates (prices and Close Rate)



Minimum Stay



Modifications and cancellations



Occupancy prices



Connection fee
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availability updates works differently:

    - iCal - information about availability (room occupied-available) are pulled every one hour

    - XML - availability updates are automatic and are pulled immediately, without delays