In order to activate the connection with Tamal go to Property Settings / Integrations / Tamal and click on Enable button.

Make sure that the Test Mode box is unchecked.

If you would like to try first a Test mode, please let us know to

Put your Tamal details: username, password and client number.

You can also decide if you want to send each generate invoice to the client by default by checking the box Send email with created invoice to guest by default.

Save the changes!

Click on Refresh Tamal Credit Cards and wait until you see a notification about a successful update.

Go to the tab General / Reservation Settings and choose Take Payment & Invoice option.

Save the changes!

In Financial Settings / Sale Tax make sure that your tax % is correctly set up for the accommodations and for the items.

If you had to edit the numbers please don't forget to save the changes.

In order to charge the guest click on one of the Take Payment buttons:

You will see a Take Payment & Invoice advanced window. Make sure that you see the TAMAL Invoicing is Active notification in the down left corner:

On the left side of the window choose the nights/items you want to charge. The system with hight them with orange color.

On the right side of the window in Pay Now field you will see the total of the nights/items you checked before.

1. You can choose one of the Cash options.

2. Or you can choose the credit card type you want to charge.

3. If you check Open the Invoice in PDF box, the system will open the invoice immediately after generate it.

If you don't wan't to send the invoice in this particular case, you can just check the box Don't send invoice. You will find it below the buttons.

Once the nights/items were charged, they will turn black on the list and the invoice number will appear.

The same windows number can be found also in the Payments tab in the reservation window:

In Accounts & Transactions window where the transaction was registered:

And in More / All Issued Invoices list:

If you sell an item to the client the system will give you the same Cash and Credit Card options. You can also decide if you want the invoice to be send to the guest or not.

The invoice will appear as well in previously mentioned Payments tab in the reservation window and in Accounts & Trasnactions and All Issued Invoices list:

In Take Payment & Invoice window this item will appear black as well:

You can also sell items with Pay Later option.

In this case the item will appear red on the list as it was not charged.

You can also sell an item directly from Point of Sale to someone who is not your guest. The invoice will be generated normally.

It will appear in Accounts & Transactions and also on previously mentioned All Issued Invoices list.

If you want to give a refund go to Payments tab in the reservation window and click on Give Refund:

Please note that you cannot make a partial refund. You need to always refund the whole invoice amount. The system will automatically check all the items related to the invoice after you choose one of them:

You will also see the Issue Invoice button. Please be careful with it. This button was created to fix the situations when someone by mistake turns off the Tamal connection and only the system internal invoices are generated instead of the Tamal invoice. In this case after activating the connection again the client is able to generate the Tamal invoice in place of the system invoice. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact

You need to choose the invoice number you want to replace.

The system will ask you to confirm the action.