In order to import bookings to FrontDesk Master from an external file, click on the Settings button and select Upload Bookings tool.


Reservations can be uploaded to FrontDesk Master from .xlsx file which should be configured properly in order to load all bookings to the system.

In Upload Bookings, you will the basic import settings, like date format, a possibility to auto-allocate reservations and selection of the file to import.

How to prepare .xslx file to import?

Obligatory information to upload reservations:

  • First Name and Last Name OR Booker Name - you can use First Name + Last Name columns or Booker Name column but use it consistently
  • ID - reservation number provided by the OTA from which the reservation came
  • Check-In
  • Check-Out

The format required: YYYY-MM-DD You can also change the settings for how your spreadsheet program displays dates. 

In Google Sheets:


In Numbers:

  • Room Type - exactly the same name of room type which exists in FrontDesk Master and the reservation should be assigned to.
  • Guests - Number of adults on a reservation.
  • Paid - the amount paid already by the guest

    If empty or 0 then no transaction will be created and Balance Due = Total Reservation.
    If the amount entered, the transaction charged to the default account in default currency will be created for the displayed value with payment date = check-in date.

  • Total Reservation - total amount to be paid for the reservation
  • Status - status of the reservation  Allowed values:

With that information, you can successfully import bookings to FrontDesk Master.

Optional information

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Nationality - universal 2-letter country code for where the guest originates from.


US = United States 

BR = Brazil
Here's a link to a site for reference:

  • City
  • Zip Code
  • Reservation Rate - the rate has to exist in FrontDesk Master
  • Booking Method - exactly the same as in FrontDesk Master


I prepared a file with 4 different bookings:

I select that .xlsx file in Upload Booking. I also want the bookings to be allocated automatically to beds so I select that option and click on Import Bookings button:


I receive an information that three bookings were imported successfully but there is a problem with one of them:

The system tells me what information is not correct. In this case, I entered the incorrect room type name in the reservation of Daenerys. I used Superior Double Room Ensuite with Balcón but the correct one is Superior Double Room Ensuite con Balcón.

Now, I can export to Excel the list of bookings with errors, correct them and then upload again or I can correct that information directly in the previous file. I decided for the second option:

Now, after the upload or the corrected file, the system imports only that one reservation as the other ones already exist in the system:

Done! I have my bookings in FrontDesk Master, assigned to beds automatically!


The column names need to be exactly the same as described above. If the column is named Check In, not Check-In, the reservations will not be imported correctly. 

Make sure that the Booking Methods are exactly the same as methods created in FrontDesk Master. Example: Hostelworld, not 

In case you need any help with importing bookings to FrontDesk Master, do not hesitate to contact, we will be happy to assist you!