In FrontDesk Master you can register all your bills and expenses, assign them to categories and control payments. 

Go to Bills and Vendors, you will find it under More button in the main menu:

In order to create a new bill, click on Create Bill button:

In Create Bill window, add the information about vendor and bill:

  • Vendor - click on edit button to create Vendor Profile that you will be able to use in future bills:

  • Bill Number
  • Bill Date
  • Accounting Date
  • Due Date

Then enter the amount to pay and assign it to a category:

You can save this bill to pay it later or you can pay it right away, just expand Bill Payment panel and click on Take Payment button. 

When the payment is done, you will see the bill marked as Paid:

This way, you can control all your transactions, see the lists of paid and not paid bills. All payments will be visible also in Accounts and Transactions: