There are few ways to move reservations or selected nights in FrontDesk Master.

Move whole reservation

Right-click on the reservation to show the possible options. Click on Move Reservation

 Then, select the room and beds to which you want to move the reservation and click on it.

Confirm the change. If the new room has different price, there is a change in reservation dates or room type, the system will ask you to confirm the changes and choose if the reservation price should be changed or not.


In the case above, we moved reservation of 'My Booking' from Room 7 to Room 6.

Move selected nights

Select nights you want to move by clicking them on Bed View. Selected nights will but highlighted in red. Then, right-click on the reservation and select the option Switch Beds.

This option allows you to move selected bed-nights.

Then, select the room and beds to which you would like to move selected nights and click on it.

Here, the system will ask you for the confirmation of the change. Confirm and it's done!

Reservation Form

It is possible to change a guest's bed or room from the Reservation Form / Overview:

  • If the room type does not change, select room and bed from the Room column:

  • If the room type is different, right-click on a guest (or click on the luggage icon) and select the new room type. The system will automatically assign a room to a newly changed room type, but you can adjust it by clicking on the room cell.

Remember to save the changes!

In case you have any problems with allocating reservations to beds, please contact us at, we will be happy to assist you!