When the XML connection with FrontDesk Master is enabled, the property has normally applied the Pey Day Pricing model on its account. It's important to make some changes in Expdiapartnercentral in order to make it work well with the system. In order to do it you should contact the Expedia account manager and if it's possible send him the instructions you can find below.

There are two very important points related to Expedia connection:


Please note that the pricing model should be set up PER OCCUPANCY. If not, the price won't be sent correctly for private rooms.

When you set up this model the prices lines in your extranet look CORRECTLY this way:

The INCORRECT view looks this way:

Each rate should have also the occupancy pricing set up. In order to check the rate pricing model go to Room and Rates / Room, Rates and policies:

Click on Active rate plan / Edit this rate plan information:

INCORRECT MODEL looks this way:

CORRECT MODEL looks this way:


Once the pricing is set up it's very important to set up dorm correctly. They should have the occupancy 1 in its settings. It's crucial in order to avoid problems with overbookings.



A very important point as well is to make sure that the price limits set up on Expedia for each room type are correct. If you try to send the prices out of the mentioned limits Expedia will reject such update. E.g. if the minimum accepted price is 15 and you are trying to send 14, it will not go through.

We do not recommend leaving this section without limits, however it is important to have them set up correctly.