Fact.pt is a third party platform which complies with Portugal tax law regulations and allows:

  • issuing certified digital invoices
  • generating SAF-T report which is a legally required fiscal report in Portugal which must be submitted monthly connecting to fiscal authorities and processing each invoice directly to authorities (not in basic option)

The integration between FrontDesk Master and Fact means:

  • any payment made in FrontDesk Master automatically issues the certified invoice in Fact account
  • Reservations in FrontDesk Master will contain the invoice numbers issued by Fact - Invoices can be printed from FrontDesk Master directly - FrontDesk Master allows viewing the list of all issued and generated invoices by Fact (we pull the list from Fact) - There will be a direct access from FrontDesk Master to necessary interfaces to cancel or credit the invoice (there is a task for that)

In conclusion, to invoice user will not have to repeat the data entry in two different interfaces and user will not need to open a separate website. It will all happen in FrontDesk Master.

Fact.pt is additionally paid service*:

A) Basic API package - 30 Euro annually
It allows issuing invoices in Fact when payment is taken in FrontDesk Master.

B) Optional packages for reporting the invoices to fiscal authorities**SAF-T Export - 15 Euro annually
Automatic reporting (using Fiscal Authority Webservice) - 15 Euro annually
In this option, each invoice is sent automatically to fiscal authorities.

* Please contact Fact.pt to confirm the licensing options directly
** If the company has more than 100.00 Euro annually it must choose one of the packages in point B.