FrontDesk Master supports all types of Local and City Taxes or touristic fees.

You can enable and set up the city tax in Property Settings / Financial Settings / Tax Settings - City Tax.

How to set up a City Tax?

Click on Enable City Tax button and choose the model. 

You can set up the city tax manually or select already existing model.

If you decided to set up the tax manually:

1. Choose if it is a % value or a specific amount

  • % option - enter the % value which will be added to the reservation, for example, 5%.

        Then select how it should be added to the reservation:

- to the total of the reservation or balance due

- over the gross amount or nett amount

  • $ option - simply enter the amount which should be added to the reservation as city tax, for example, 1 EUR.

You can also set up different values of the city tax for different seasons:

2. Decide when the city tax should be applied:

  • Automatically when booking is created

If CHECKED, the tax will be applied ONLY when the booking is created. Existing bookings will not be affected.

If UNCHECKED, the tax will be applied to all bookings, to existing bookings when next modification (status change) is saved.

  • From X Nights - for example, if guests stay more than 2 nights
  • Maximum X Nights

3. To who should the tax be applied?

  • For all guests
  • Age restriction

For Guests older or younger than selected age, or in the specific age

Adjust the value of tax if the guest if from X to Y years old

  • Exclude guest from the selected city, for example, Lisbon:

City tax will appear after that automatically in your reservations. You will see it in reservation overview and in payments summary:

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