The first thing you need to do is to generate a new Token.

Please have a look at the steps below:




In order to activate the connection in FrontDesk Master, go to Property Settings / Integrations / Fact:


Click the Enable button (1) and put the new Token in the gap (2).

In the same window go to General tab / Reservation Settings and make sure that the Take Payment & Invoice option is active.


After clicking on one of the TAKE PAYMENT options in the reservation you will see the advanced Take Payment window:

In order to take payment and generate an invoice: 

* Choose the nights or items you need to take payment for

* Make sure that you see the green point on the bottom of the windows which says that the Fact connection is active.

* You can choose if you want the PDF to be opened immediately

* Accept the payment

After accepting the payment you will see on the bottom that the payment is being processed and sent to Fact.

After taking payment you will see the transaction in Payments tab in the reservation windows. If you click on it you will see some additional buttons:

* Make Credit Note - Allows you to make a credit note

* Edit in Fact - Allows you to edit the invoice in Fact website

* Print Invoice - It will open the invoice in PDF and you will be able to print it

If you click Make Credit Note, the system will check automatically all the nights, items which are related to the selected invoice:

In order to see the full invoice list please go to More menu / All Issued Invoices. You will see all generated invoices and you will be able to print the whole list or export it to Excel.

You can also edit each invoice and Print it.

* Please note that sometimes the Adblock or similar software can block the PDF documents.