If you sell a physical room under one room type during some time, and after that, you change it to another one, you don't have to change the room types manually every few months because FrontDesk Master gives you a possibility to set up room types availability dates in a physical room.

For example, I have a room A. which is sold as 4 Bed Mixed Dorm Ensuite during the high season and after that, in February I change it to Quadruple Room Ensuite. In this case, in Room Manager, I can open room A settings, and set the availability dates for each room type.

So, I set 4 Bed Mixed Dorm available in room A, for example, from December 1st to January 13th and Quadruple Room Ensuite from January 14th to June 30th.


This way until January 13th, the availability in Room A is 4 because I sell this room as 4 Bed Mixed Dorm. After that, the availability is 1 because I start to sell this room as Quadruple Room. It is visible on the Calendar:

The room type change is visible also in Bed View:

In case you need any help with these settings, please contact us at support@frondeskmaster.com.