In order to open/close a shift please click on the username and then on Shift Switch option.

You can also open it from More menu:


You will see a Shift Switch window. On the left side there are two tabs:

Accounts Balance

Point of Sale: Inventory

A) Accounts Balance

1) In the five free rows of Account Details table you will see:

Money at start - Money the person opened the shift with

Incoming - Shift Incomes

Outgoing - Shift Expenses

Ending Balance - Money the person should have according to the registered transactions

Actual ending balance - The real money the person has in the account

2) The next three rows show:

Discrepancy - If you put a different amount in Actual ending balance the system will calculate the discrepancy and it will show it there

Withdrawal / Transfer - In case you would like to withdraw or transfer some money in order to leave a specific amount on the account, you can put it here. You can also automatize it. In order to do it, please have a look here: Shift Switch Settings

Below in Transaction Summary section, you will see two columns:

3) Transactions (shows the number of the current shift transactions)

4) Change (shows all the change given).

5) Inactive at the moment

6) Opens Shift Audit Report

7) Opens the Point Of Sale: Inventory tab

B) Point of Sale: Inventory

In this section, you can find the items which were chosen to be counted during the Shift Switch.

There are 5 columns:

Start - The number of items the person started the shift with

Change - How many items were sold/added

Expected - How many items you the person should have after all sales and adjustments

Actual - The real amount the person has

Discrepancy - In case you put a different amount in Actual the system will calculate the discrepancy and will show it in this column

See also:

Shift Switch Settings