To adjust the invoices go to Property Settings / Financial Settings / Invoice Settings. In that window you can adjust:

  • The templates and create new ones


Here you can change the logo, language and everything on the invoice (for that you can use all the keys on the right side of the screen).

  • Additional Notes and Payment Conditions you add in Invoice Settings:

This information will appear in this part of the template and it is possible to edit the text while creating a new invoice:

  • The Invoice Number can be adjusted automatically by the system or manually each time when an invoice is generated.

If you prefer to add that number manually you can do it when creating an invoice:

In the case of the automatically generated invoice number, that number will appear when you Save and Print the invoice:

  • You can also decide if the system has to generate invoices including or excluding the commission of the channel:

  • In the upper right part of the invoice, there is an information about the property. You can adjust the default property address and billing information in Property Settings / General / Property Details or you can set different details in Invoice Settings:

While creating a new invoice you can also edit the default guest information:

In the invoice this information will appear here:

In the Edit Invoice part, you can decide what information will be visible on the invoice, for example, Accommodation Total or Details and Sales Total or Details. It is also possible not to show this information:

All invoices generated in the system can be seen in More > All Issued Invoices: