In order to activate the Hostelworld or MyAllocator plugin please go to Property Management / Channel Manager:


Step 1 - Activate the plugin

Choose Hostelworld or MyAllocator plugin, and click on Enable button on the right bottom corner of the window, then confirm the action:


Put the correct connection details.


enter the property ID and the XML password. You should receive the password form your account manager - the XML password is not the same which the one you use to login to Hostelworld back office).


enter your username, password and the property ID. You can find it here:

Here you can also decide if you want your bookings to be automatically allocated to beds or not:


If you select the option to DISABLE ALL AVAILABILITY UPLOADS, the system will NOT synchronize any information to the portal. We do not recommend to set this checkbox if you want the synchronization to work properly.

Click Next in order to continue.

Step 2 - Room Map

You will see two columns. In the first one, you will see the list of your room types from Hostelworld/MyAllocator. In the second one, you have to choose which system room type corresponds to each portal room type.

Click Next in order to continue.

Step 3 - Rate and Currency Selection

The next step is to map the portal rates with the system rates.

Please make sure that you send the prices in the correct currency. If you use more currencies, you can also choose the option Automatically convert received bookings to .... and the system will convert the price automatically according to the change rate you previously set up in Property Settings.


You can also adjust the rate prices you sent to the channel. As you can see there are two more columns. In the first one, you can choose if you would like to adjust the price adding or discounting some specific amount or you can also choose the % option.

Save the connection!

Click Save in order to continue and the system will actualize your prices and your availability on Hostelworld / myAllocator according to what you have in the system.