In order to activate the plugin please go to Property Management / Channel Manager:



Step 1 - Activate the plugin

Choose plugin, and click on Enable button on the right bottom corner of the window. Confirm the action and put the correct ID, then click Next. You can also decide if you want your bookings to be automatically allocated to beds or not.



Click Next in order to continue.

Step 2 - Room Map

You will see two columns. In the first one, you will the list of your room types from In the second one, you have to choose which system room type corresponds to each portal room type.


On the right side, you will see also two more columns. The first one, Max Beds, should be empty in case of In the second column, Contracted Rooms, you can put the number of your contracted room (in case you have them).

What does it mean? 

If you have so-called "contracted rooms" in, it means that there are some beds, which should be sold ONLY at 

Therefore, the number of beds which was "contracted" with cannot be sold by other means. So if you put e.g. 1 contracted room for 4 Bed Dorm, the system will send less availability to other channels.


If you leave the contracted rooms column empty and you click Next in order to continue, the system will ask you again to confirm your decision.


Step 3 - Rate and Currency Selection

The next step is to map the portal rates with the system rates.

Please make sure that you send the prices in the correct currency. If you use more currencies, you can also choose the option Automatically convert received booking to .... and the system will convert the price automatically according to the change rate you previously set up in Property Settings.


You can also adjust the rate prices you sent to the channel. As you can see there are two more columns:


In the first one, you can choose if you would like to adjust the price adding or discounting some specific amount or you can also choose the % option.

Save the connection!

Click Save in order to continue and the system will actualize your prices and your availability on according to what you have in the system.