To create new dorm rooms go to Property Management, Room Manager.

There you can set up your ROOM TYPES and physical ROOM UNITS available on your property.

In order to create a dorm room:

1. Create a ROOM TYPE you offer on booking portals and website booking engine. 

  • Click Add Room Type button.

  • You will see the Edit Room Type window. First, select a Room Class (Mixed Dorm, Female Dorm or Male Dorm).

  • Select Number of guests which can sleep in the dorm and if the room is Ensuite or has a Shared Bathroom.

  • You can also select a Prefix and Description if you would like to distinguish the room type. You can also put your own text there.

  • Finally, enter a Default price per bed for this room type and click SAVE AND CLOSE.

2. Now, create ROOM UNITS which belong to the ROOM TYPE

  • In Room Manager click on Add Room button.

  • You will see the Create New Room window. For each ROOM enter the Name you commonly use in the property, e.g. Room 1 or Room A.1 or Room 103.

  • Set the Number of beds there are in the room, for example, four Single beds or two Double Bunk beds (you can also choose the lower and the upper bed):

  • The most important! Assign ROOM TYPE to which this ROOM belongs (decide as what ROOM TYPE this ROOM will be offered to guests). Click on Add Room Type button.

  • Click SAVE AND CLOSE to add the room.

3. You can see this room in Bed View now: