There are few ways of allocating reservations to beds, however, remember that you can also have the system set up this way that if there is a new booking it is always allocated automatically.

All reservations that do not have beds assigned appear in the Unallocated Bookings, below the Bed View:

The yellow triangles at the top of the Bed View mean that there are unassigned reservations:

When you right-click on the unallocated reservation you will see the list of options:

A) We can choose the Auto - Allocate option. In this case, the system will automatically allocate the complete reservation to free beds.

B) We can also assign the beds one by one. To do this, from the same list you have to choose the option Allocate to bed, choose the room and the bed.

There is also another way of assigning the beds, inside the reservation window.

A) To assign beds and rooms automatically in the booking window, click on the Auto-Allocate button and then SAVE changes.

B) You can also manually assign bed by bed within this window. To do so, in the ROOM column, next to the name of each guest, you have to open the list of beds in available rooms and choose the room and bed.