FrontDesk Master lets you create price strategies which automatically adjust prices in the system, depending on room type's availability, season or number of days before arrival.

To create a new strategy go to Property Management and open Strategies.

Click on Add Strategy button to add a new strategy:

You will see Price Strategy window. 

1. Add a strategy name and select a colour (it is not obligatory). The example name is "Last Minute"

2. Decide when the strategy should be applied. For example: when Time before arrival is more than 0 and less than 3 days. With such setting, the restriction will be available for guests making reservations three days before arrival.

3. Set the price adjustment for the selected rate. For example  -10% for Standard Rate in all currencies. 


4. Decide when the strategy will be active:  Always or during selected season/days.

5. Then decide in which room types the strategy will be active and under which conditions. For example: in Standard 4 Bed Mixed Dorm if the availability is more than 2

When it is done, Save and Close the window.

The correct strategies for multiple days should look like at the image below (days cannot overlap).

You can see the strategy and adjusted prices in Availability and Rate Calendar.