Give your guest the possibility of booking directly from Google by connecting your property to Google Hotel Ads and create campaigns for your property!

Many people when they look for accommodation they start with Google search or Google Maps. Google Hotel Ads is a metasearch platform which gives an alternative way of booking. Google displays your booking engine prices in direct comparison with other OTAs. Let’s say a guest makes a general search like “Hostels in Prague”. He will see a map with properties in the chosen city, with their prices and availability.

FrontDesk Master can connect with Google Hotel Ads via third party integrarions, so it has an extra monthly cost. Please contact if you have any questions.

Google gives the following two options:

1) Paid hotel booking links

2) Free hotel booking links

Integration via Channex

This one requires FrontDesk  Master booking engine.

HERE you can find more information how to set up FrontDesk Master booking engine. Once it is ready, please contact

In case of PAID option please send us your Google Ads ID.
In case of FREE Google option just let us know that you want to connect to the free hotel booking links.

The monthly cost of maintaing the channex account is 5€/month and then 0.02c/€/booking (Until October 2021 is free). Apart Google charges its own commission for each booking.